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Entry #2

Realized Defeat...

2011-10-04 13:55:41 by alienatedcannibal

I've lost... The world has beaten me... After years of fighting and clawing back at the injustice in my life, I am defeated... At least it gave me an idea for a toon so something came of all my torment (kind of a Pyrrhic Victory if you ask me). It should be up in a few days, maybe a week... It really depends on how much I feel like animating... Later


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2011-10-05 13:39:03

UPDATE: Masks are a pain in the ass! "Jumper" involves the use of real life images and toons so I'm having to create masks so that the foreground and background elements can exist and it's just a pain. I like the .jpg I found and refuse to settle for a different one just to make my life easier. I will persevere :)


2011-10-07 22:59:05

Mind if I ask in what you've been defeated?